How To Implement Smart Data Access in SAP HANA

SAP HANA smart data access enables remote data to be accessed as if they are local tables in HANA, without copying the data into SAP HANA (without having to replicate the data to SAP HANA)
in SAP HANA, you can create virtual tables which point to remote tables in different data sources.
With smart data access SAP HANA, you can can retrieve data from tables in external databases (e.g. Sybase, Oracle or SAP HANA). This reduced the need to load all accessed data into SAP HANA.

SDA facilitates the HANA to integrate data from various heterogeneous sources like Sybase IQ, Teradata, Hadoop and SAP Sybase Adaptive Service Enterprise.

Below are the following steps to implement Smart Data Access:

Go to Provisioning Folder right click on Remote Sources --> select New Remote Source

Next Screen will be like below Here we can give the all details

In Adapter Name We can select our target data base 

Here we can give the all details like Server name and Port number and Our database Credentials.

Click on Execute Button

To check the Connection is established or not click on below button

If connection is Established then we will see the below message.

Now we can see the our remote source

Expand it we will see all schema's  

open SQL CONSOLE write the query.

Below is the output for our query

Right Click on our virtual table select the Add as virtual Table option 

In Hana schema we will see our virtual table


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